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The best marketing workflow templates for HubSpot

Attention is hard to get these days.

In today’s digital world, there’s an overload of information and endless content to scroll past. This digital lifestyle means it’s getting harder for brands to communicate with consumers and stand out from the crowd. They now expect businesses to create tailored messaging that’s just for them.

This means the way you communicate with prospects and customers has to be fluid — an omnichannel experience. Buyers should be able to kick off a conversation over live chat, follow up with email, talk through details over the phone, and get updates and personalized offers via SMS — all without skipping a beat.

According to Kat, Head of APAC Marketing (HubSpot), “Conversational marketing is still relatively new, and we’re all still learning what it means for businesses and our customers. It’s not black and white, and there’s no “source of truth” for the right way to approach it”.

But did you know? A recent Facebook study found 64% of people across generations said they prefer messaging to a call or email.

That’s why HubSpot and MessageMedia worked together with companies like Vinomofo to help achieve 120X ROI simply by automating communications and adding SMS to their email workflows.

Getting started with email and SMS is a great way to start building up a cross-channel strategy. Here’s an example:

We have put together this guide with pre-made workflow and SMS templates to make it easy for you. You’ll get:

  • A 5-step guide to getting started with cross-channel communications
  • Behind the scenes on Vinomofo’s success with SMS
  • Top 10 sales and marketing workflows with 30 SMS templates to get started

Get the full collection of SMS templates for HubSpot

Discover how HubSpot and MessageMedia can help build your marketing/sales workflows.

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