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RCS brings an app like experience without the app

Rich Communication Services (RCS) delivers enhanced messaging capabilities, driving higher response rates and improved customer engagement.

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Track click-through rates and other interactions to fully understand your return on investment (ROI) and optimise your messages.


A branded interactive, app-like experience and advanced functionality without the development and maintenance costs of an app.


Sender profile includes website and contact details, ensuring customers can trust the source of communications received.

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consumers who find RCS


prefer fewer apps on their phone


RCS-enabled smartphones
by 2020

The next evolution of messaging

RCS takes the best of SMS messaging and adds the best of OTT messaging for functionality that benefits your business and an experience your customers will love.

Deliver rich messaging simply using a customer’s mobile number

RCS combines all the best parts of carrier-delivered messaging, such as ubiquity and exceptionally high read rates. RCS has all the features your customers love about OTT messaging, such as read receipts, guided responses, images, rich cards and carousels.

Beautiful messaging that drives interaction

Take your communications to the next level with messages displayed in your business’s colours with your logo displayed prominently.

Measured outcomes made easy

Each customer interaction within RCS provides valuable insights. Know when messages are delivered, read or buttons are clicked. Available on our API or via analytics and reporting on our web platform. Enjoy the benefits of measurable results and A/B testing.

A new world messaging

RCS introduces elements to your messaging that enable your customers to enjoy an interactive, app-like experience.

RCS features

Suggested action buttons 

Steer the conversation in a desired direction, whether that’s more sales, customer support or gathering feedback. 

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Customers can swipe horizontally to view high resolution images and other details for selection.

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Embedded rich cards 

Create visually exciting messages with high resolution images, videos and much more.

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Verified sender

Provide customers peace of mind with clear and authorised verification.

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Rich media

Tell your story visually with high resolution images, videos and GIFs.

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Guided responses

Resolve the customer’s query quickly by guiding the conversation and suggesting possible responses.

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Typing indicators

Keep the conversation flowing naturally by knowing when the other party is typing a reply.

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Custom colour palette 

Dramatically improve brand recognition by adding your own branding, such as custom colours and logos.

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Read receipts 

Find out when your message has been successfully delivered and when your recipients have opened your message. 

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SMS templates

Save time by writing your message once, saving, and then re-using it as often as you need.

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SMS personalisation

Personalise your messages to customers for a friendlier impression using mail merge style.

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Webhooks allows your application to receive real-time notifications of messaging events that occur on the MessageMedia platform.

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Enterprise webhooks

Ensure information is coming from verified sources and protect your system from unwanted data.

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No apps or passwords

RCS doesn’t require that your customers download third-party apps, set up user accounts or sign in to those accounts. 

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