Suggested action buttons 

Steer the conversation in a desired direction, whether that’s more sales, customer support or gathering feedback. 

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One of the most powerful benefits of RCS is suggested action buttons. Appearing as text set within a button in the RCS message, they help consumers save time and achieve their outcomes more quickly.

Using suggested replies also streamlines customer interactions and guides the course of the conversation through single-tap responses.

For example, if your business is retail, your suggested actions might ask the customer if they would like to view related products. ‘Buy now’ buttons can then help steer the customer towards purchasing.

A hotel might provide buttons for the customer to confirm their booking, change their room or book other services.

Using a suggested action button to share a location speeds up a service such as a taxi by sharing the customer’s exact co-ordinates.

Other examples include:

  • open a calendar app for the customer to add an event or booking
  • open a mapping app to view a business’s location
  • initiate a video chat with the business
  • open a website
  • initiate a phone call to the business
  • commence a conversation via RCS messaging chat

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