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Security is essential for any organisation, from a small family business to large global enterprises. Inadequate data protection or security measures can have dire consequences, ranging from severe financial penalties to loss of customer confidence.

This requirement also extends any third parties, such as suppliers or partners. These third parties also have access to your data, especially customers’ details, and are similarly legally obliged to protect the integrity of this data.

Compliance with privacy legislation

Many countries around the world have legislation in place to protect consumer data and privacy.

We are required to meet that legislation in the countries in which we operate, and we do what we can to protect your data and confidentiality. We hold commercially sensitive information on trust. We take all reasonable steps to withhold your data from unauthorised third parties, except as legally required or as agreed with you.

Compliance with GDPR

In May 2018, the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) introduced some of the biggest changes to data protection laws in decades. Data privacy and security regulations were tightened with significant fines and infringements for non-compliance.

We suggest you make sure your suppliers and partners put in place the data security and privacy principles entrenched by the GDPR. At MessageMedia, we also place obligations on our service providers and partners to ensure that, if they are required to comply with the GDPR, they understand this responsibility and have measures in place to comply. We want to ensure that the integrity of your data is protected throughout delivery to its destination.

Global operations

MessageMedia has headquarters in Australia and maintains offices and infrastructure around the globe. We work directly with major telecommunications companies, taking steps to make sure that your data is safe and that we are compliant with all necessary legislative requirements. We encrypt traffic so we can protect it from hackers while in transit.

Independent audits

Our business and financial statements are regularly audited by an independent external party. The audits help our management and advisory board better understand our business and any potential risks.

Don’t leave it to chance

Protect your business and ensure that your messaging service provider is safe and secure, not only with your data, but also your customers’ data, as the consequences of failure to do so can be extremely damaging.