Reporting and analytics

With detailed reporting tools, you can track, trace and thread all your messages and replies.

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Our easy-to-use web-based management interface allows you to utilise all the features of the MessageMedia system via a web browser. You can control all your messaging through the interface and view delivery and account tracking via our responsive, easy-to-use reporting.

Robust SMS reporting system

MessageMedia includes a powerful, ready-to-use suite of reporting tools that is extremely useful for customers managing their messaging through the web interface. You’ll know who is responding and when they respond. Along with text message analytics, you can use this information to customise your approach to alter behaviour and drive productivity.

If you’re controlling MessageMedia through our SMS API, you also have the option of running your own analytics systems.

MessageMedia’s SMS reporting tools include the ability to run reports on text message transmission and delivery, opt-outs and usage reports.

Features include:

  • Mailbox: This feature allows you to see all incoming messages, that is, all responses to your SMS broadcasts. It includes a conversation view that presents a full history of correspondence related to the contact and message trail.
  • Running reports: Generate various reports through the interface, such as messages sent, messages received, messages sent or received within a certain date range, and broadcast messages.
  • Administration reports: allow an administrator to generate reports about other users of the system. Filter the report by message type, date, and user. This enables the primary administrator to keep track of what all other users are doing on the system.
  • Manage opt-outs: Specify a URL to send auto opt-out requests which automatically email a notification to the user; enable automatic opt-outs, which allows users to opt out by sending a command such as ‘stop’ or ‘opt out’; or manual opt out, which allows you to manually opt out a specific user.
  • Delivery reports: When sending broadcast messages, MessageMedia allows delivery tracking. This function shows when the message was received on the recipient’s handset.
  • Usage reports: Can be generated to display the activity volume across all users or for a particular user. The results can be presented in line, bar or pie charts for the given filter.
  • Analytics: Run analytics using your own third party software, using MessageMedia to forward all replies to a URL of your choosing. This will enable you to use your analytics software to analyse replies and opt-outs.