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RCS doesn’t require that your customers download third-party apps, set up user accounts or sign in to those accounts. 

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RCS provides an app-like experience with no need for customers to install any additional apps. RCS functions from within a mobile phone in exactly the same way as SMS does currently. No passwords to remember, no accounts to sign in to – simply open your text messaging service. For businesses, there is no need to invest in or maintain an app that your customers may or may not install or use.

Despite this simplicity, RCS offers the rich visual and interactive experience of an app. High resolution images, videos and audio files engage and encourage the customer along the buyer’s journey. One-tap buttons enable easy functionality for customers, with suggested replies that guide the conversation in a desired direction, such as increasing sales, gathering feedback or providing more information. Businesses can chat directly with customers via RCS in the same way as over-the-top (OTT) apps.

Finally, RCS doesn’t mean collecting any additional data from your customers to implement. It simply requires a customer’s mobile phone, which is information already held by most businesses.


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