Customers can swipe horizontally to view high resolution images and other details for selection.

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By scrolling horizontally through an interactive carousel, customers can view products or services in a way that engages, informs and converts customers.

The carousel card displays static images, animated images (GIFs), videos and even audio files on between two and 10 rich cards.

Each carousel card can include a title, a description of the card, and suggested action button or replies that help steer the conversation in a desired direction, such as encouraging sales with ‘Buy now’ buttons.

Carousels offer huge potential for many industries.

Retail companies can showcase new products or potential items of interest based on the customer’s viewing habits or previous purchases. Hotels can display various rooms, giving guests the option to choose their room for an upcoming trip. Customers can view menu items and select their preference, or choose from various travel destinations with ‘Check availability’ or ‘Learn more’ buttons to encourage engagement.

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