BFCM text marketing drip campaign

Improve customer engagement in the lead up to Black Friday Cyber Monday with this simple text marketing drip campaign.

Drip campaigns are pre-scheduled communications that are ‘dripped’ to customers at just the right times to optimise immediate sales or nurture prospects towards purchase over time.

Laid out in 7 easy steps, this SMS drip campaign makes automating your entire SMS marketing campaign effortless and will keep customers coming back over the entire holiday season.

Are you ready to take advantage of our ready-made SMS drip campaign now?

Download it and get SMS templates for:

  • Early opt-ins
  • BFCM reminders
  • Early access
  • Gift recommendations
  • Pre-sale surprise
  • Launch announcement
  • Sale extension
  • Plus timings, insights, pro tips and so much more!
Boost sales now with your BFCM text marketing drip campaign
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