Text healthcare reminders meet needs and scalability of international organisation

Image for Text healthcare reminders meet needs and scalability of international organisation
3 min read | March 22, 2024

International organisation The Better Health Generation (herein TBHG) provides innovative, effective health services related to mental and physical health and wellbeing including Individual Assessments and Interventions, Group Programmes and Digital Solutions.

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The challenge

  • TBHG needed an automated solution to remind clients of their appointments via SMS 24 hours prior, to maximise read rates and boost attendance. They had been using Outlook to manage appointments and had manually been managing around 200 appointments per week
  • They also needed a quicker, more effective way of communicating with patients to share appointment information or cancellation updates

The solution

The MessageMedia web portal was able to provide the ability to set up individual sub-accounts for users to directly connect their native Outlook calendars. It also allowed the appointment ID number to be included in the appointment to allow matching with their Case Management platform. The solution also provides future scalability, with the benefit of being able to add additional calendar connections easily, subject to growth and new contracts being awarded.

Two-way messaging was also utilised as an efficient channel for contacting customers, allowing text conversations to happen and be stored within the web portal. Businesses benefit from knowing that messages were successfully delivered to the handset and customers appreciate the simplicity of SMS, being able to reply back quickly and at a convenient moment.

For small & medium businesses that rely on appointments being kept, MessageMedia’s calendar automation provides integration between all major calendar solutions and our reliable messaging platform so they can:

  • Provide effective customer service and schedule helpful reminders
  • Reduce no-shows
  • Build trust that notifications are being sent and received on your terms, without relying on someone to make it happen
  • Create easy calendar automations without the need for expensive software
  • Confirm appointments and capture cancellations automatically

The results

TBHG users can now efficiently schedule appointments and trigger an SMS reminder at desired time intervals prior to the event.

We have found the platform to be very user friendly and easy to implement. This has been particularly important as we onboard new staff to fulfil further contracts and scale up the number of SMS messages immediately. It has also been beneficial for our partners, as Client ‘no-shows’ have been reduced, and it has also allowed clients who need to reschedule an appointment the opportunity to do so in good time.

Andy Milne, National Manager, The Better Health Generation UK

Within healthcare and many other industries, an SMS reminder can reduce no-shows by around 40% aided by an impressive 98% open rate. Take SMS reminders on a test drive with a free trial now, and see how they can improve your business.

Ready to roll?

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