5 October 2018

With business messaging comes great responsibility

With possession of your customers’ personal contact details comes great responsibility. Find out how to manage this obligation and keep your customers happy.

Getting the balance right

When a customer entrusts you with personal contact details, such as a name and mobile number, this places you in a position of considerable responsibility. It’s critical to get the balance right in communicating with that customer. Send too many messages and you will be perceived as spammy. The customer will opt out and the opportunity is lost forever.

Instead, you must deliver a genuine benefit to your customer that encourages their ongoing engagement and discourages them from unsubscribing.

Provide a genuine, relevant benefit

There are four main ways in which text messaging in business communication can deliver genuine and significant benefits to your customers, and the overriding key is relevance.

1. Messaging

Proactively provide relevant information that helps your customer. Depending on your business you could let them know about a change of flight or booking details, new events, project updates, market information, service date reminders, registration renewals, quotes, new properties on the market or weather alerts.

2. Marketing

Distribute relevant and valuable offers to your customers: special offers, discounts, vouchers, VIP events, loyalty programs, new product updates or opportunities for customer feedback.

3. Payments

Bill payment via SMS is an incredibly easy way to enable your customers to pay bills.

SMS notifications can also tell customers that a bill is due, a payment has been missed, an early payment discount or incentive is available, or service charges or credit accounts are approaching a pre-set limit.

4. Appointment reminders

Business messaging sends timely reminders of appointments to customers, enabling them to confirm or reschedule via their mobile. Be careful not to send these too far out from or too close to the appointment. The best reminder is 24 hours before the appointment. Not only is it timely in reminding your customer of the appointment, but it also enables the customer to reschedule if necessary. In addition, this time frame gives your business time to refill the slot, minimising dead time.

Staff rostering functionality delivers work rosters to staff, giving them the ability to accept or swap shifts. Deliveries via business messaging keep customers apprised of the progress and delivery dates of goods.

Stay inside the relevant law

Of course, it goes without saying that you must follow the applicable legislation in your country or state. For example, legislation covers issues of consent to receive communication, identification of sender requirements, provision of an unsubscribe function and exemptions. Ensure that your business messaging service provider is apprised of the applicable legislation for your specific region and purposes.


Make sure you value the trust your customer has placed in you by providing their personal details. Ensure your business messaging is relevant and delivers a genuine benefit to your customer, otherwise they will switch off and unsubscribe – never to be seen again!

Want to deliver a genuine benefit to your customers? Contact us to find out more.

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