15 May 2019

SMS automates on-call staff roster for better clarity and efficiency

“The integration of MessageMedia, Zapier and Google Sheets made me look good!” says this medical practitioner, who set up automated SMS messages for the practice’s on-call employee roster.

No-code workflow automation tools such as Zapier can help customers design processes that fit the specific needs of their businesses. This busy private anaesthetist practice did just that to make its on-call roster work seamlessly and transparently.

A lack of clarity

“When I joined our private anaesthetics group, we needed a solution for our on-call roster. There was lack of transparency as to who was on-call, whether or not they knew they were rostered on, and the occasional instance when people forgot who was on,” says Riaz Hooshmand, an anaesthetist at CAPAnesthesia.

Linking Zapier, Google Sheets and MessageMedia

Hooshmand looked at setting up an automated workflow with Zapier for the solution.

“I was already using Zapier to send automated emails to our trainees to remind them of the topic, time and location of our tutorials according to a roster I migrated to Google Sheets.”

“So I used Google Sheets, Zapier, and SMS from MessageMedia to come up with a solution. I hadn’t used any SMS services before but found MessageMedia through Zapier’s top SMS apps page.”

“By migrating our on-call spreadsheet to Google Sheets, I set up a system where the person on call the following day receives an SMS message asking them to confirm their availability. They respond either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Their response is added to Google Sheets beside their name and the date of their call, so everyone can see who is on call and whether or not they have confirmed. Further, when they confirm, an automatic notification is sent to our administration officers alerting them that the person who is on call has confirmed, which avoids any confusion.”

Great results from SMS and Zapier integration

The new system works extremely well and all staff are happy with it:

“It has added tremendous clarity to our on-call roster, and everyone is very pleased with how well it works.”

For Hooshmand himself, “It has also elevated me to the status of ‘computer whiz’ within the group which is totally unjustified: Zapier, Google Sheets and MessageMedia just made me look good!”

MessageMedia integrations can make you look good too but, more importantly, they can improve your business operations.

You can integrate your favourite apps with just a few clicks, saving time on development and testing. Like Hooshmand the anaesthetist, you don’t have to be a developer either! Use your business know-how with no-code tools like Zapier to design cross-app workflow to fit particular business needs.

Find out more about our Zapier integration here or contact us to discuss which other integrations would help your business succeed.

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