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Managing your workforce with business SMS

Running your own small business can be a hassle at times, especially when you have a large workforce to manage on top of recruiting new staff and tending to the general day-to-day operations of your organisation.

One of the more difficult aspects of running your workforce is maintaining clear lines of communication with staff, a task made much easier by SMS messaging. From sending appointment reminder SMS messages to new staff (to let them know the time and date of their first day on the job for instance), to organising complex staff rosters via our staff rostering SMS; these simple yet powerful tools allow you to reach staff in a time-critical manner, ensuring your business has the talent it needs to continue running with minimal fuss.

Appointment reminders: Ensure new hires make a strong start

Whether your concern is reminding prospective candidates to show up for their job interview, or ensuring successful candidates are informed on the details of their first day on the job, an appointment reminder SMS is a simple solution for increasing the punctuality of individuals within your HR or recruitment programs.

For instance, you may be impressed by a particular person who applied for a customer service role at your retail store. You’ve agreed to an interview time, so all you need to do now besides preparing your interview questions is to set an automated SMS message to be sent to their smartphone 24 hours before the scheduled interview time as, a friendly reminder of their important next-day commitment.

Following this candidate’s successful interview, you can send them a congratulation text followed shortly after by another appointment reminder with the details of their first day on the job. With various studies showing these unobtrusive reminders can cut no-shows by as much as 50 percent, this could be a simple way to improve the efficiency of your recruitment program.

Staff rostering: Maintain a full roster for an effective business

Every business owner knows how tricky staff rostering can be, especially if your workforce is a large and growing one spread across a variety of departments and functions. Business messaging for staff rostering gives you a simple tool for filling absentee shifts and managing last minute changes or emergencies to your staff rosters.

For example, a staff member may call in sick meaning there is no one to work on the cash register during a specific shift. Simply send an SMS to all staff members relevant to the affected shift, with the first person to respond ‘Y’ automatically assigned the shift. Those who respond after the shift has been assigned will receive an automated message letting them know this spot has been filled.

Using business messaging takes care of some of the most hectic and demanding aspects of running a business – cost-effectively and simply.