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1 June 2020

5 SMS templates to use when you reopen after COVID-19

As some countries and states across the world are looking to ease into recovery, many organisations are wondering how they will navigate this new phase of the pandemic. As governments pull back on restrictions, and encourage some businesses to re-open, there are some important to things to consider.

  • How do we go about alerting customers and staff to these new changes?
  • How do we reopen while still restricting and monitoring access to our facilities and sites?
  • How can we deal with constantly changing conditions, and how do we quickly communicate our response with stakeholders?

This is no easy feat, which is why we have 5 easy SMS templates to use to help you do just that. 

Our top 5 SMS Templates for re-opening post-COVID 

1. Alert and manage patrons and re-openings in hospitality

For some venues, dine-in may not be feasible yet. For those, however, who are able to do dine-in under new restrictions, SMS can prove a helpful tool. You can use SMS to manage access for diners, and alert wanting customers to new opening hours and bookings. 

TOP TIP: Consider following up bookings with a text for access flow from our ‘Contractor access management’ example below so that you don’t have patrons walking straight in off the street. 

Hospitality Dine in Reopenings SMS Template

2. Keep parents, students and staff up to date for school re-openings 

Many education providers are looking for solutions to help them manage the easing of restrictions, and the return to face-to-face teaching.

Use SMS to notify parents and teachers about re-openings, and what new rules will be put in place. In addition, if access is an issue, consider using and altering the Contractor management access template above. 

TOP TIP: Enable our Email to SMS function so that teachers are able to personalise their own communications direct from their inbox. 

School reopenings SMS template

3. Patient Access to hospitals and medical centres 

Throughout COVID, access to medical facilities has been an increasingly difficult issue. Hospitals are unsure how to stagger waiting rooms, queues for screenings, and protecting those just seeking normal medical help. Maintaining the health and wellbeing of staff is just as important as ensuring that patients get the medical care they deserve. 

This is where using SMS can be helpful in supporting movement and monitoring of access. 

TOP TIP: Modifying this template can also help medical facilities manage the rostering and access of doctors, nurses and other staff. 

Patient access to hospital SMS template

4. Notify staff about re-openings, changes to your business and access 

Many businesses are feeling the pressure of managing reopening guidelines while safeguarding the health of staff.

 Using SMS you can: 

  • Notify staff of new guidelines and rostered schedules 
  • Guide them to new OHS policies, and tasks 
  • Manage their access 
Staff Notification SMS Alert Reopenings


 5. Contractor access management 

Access management is important for building managers and construction site managers who look after the health and wellbeing of their workers. Manage access using a text for access flow to monitor those who go in and out. 

TOP TIP: Learn how to set up conversational automations such as this one below. 

Contractor Access Management SMS Reopenings Template

Final thoughts and further reading 

Resuming business as usual while navigating the uncertainty of what’s to come weighs heavily on workers and organisations everywhere. It’s important that we remain vigilant and adaptable, as this is unlikely the last set of restrictions we will see. Going forward, we must find a way to remain flexible and responsive to constantly changing conditions. SMS is capable of handling mission-critical communications while giving you the flexibility to handle any changes to come. 

Some further food for thought: 

Contact us if you have any further questions, or try SMS and get 25 free credits when you sign up right now.

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