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If you’re a brick-and-mortar retailer, you know how hard it is to build a sustainable business in today’s marketplace. You have to carefully manage costs to have any chance of competing with eCommerce companies. And it gets tougher every year, as they use their large economies of scale to muscle you out of the way.

Success in this environment depends on your ability to reach customers faster, achieve higher levels of engagement, and drive more traffic to your store and website. That’s exactly what retail SMS marketing can deliver to your business.

Business messaging gives you a powerful tool for instantly putting your message into customer’s hands — and taking success back into yours. Messages are nearly instantaneous, affordable, and highly effective.

How SMS marketing for retail can improve your business

Create a new engagement channel

  • Bulk SMS is faster, cheaper, and more effective than email and direct mail, dramatically improving your open rates and conversions
  • SMS marketing enables you to instantly put product announcements, promotions, and special event details into your customer’s hands
  • Combining a real-time message with a limited time offer is a great way to increase urgency and sales
  • Two-way SMS makes it convenient for customers to opt-in to marketing programs, RSVP to events, and even purchase goods and services

Increase productivity and cost savings

  • Easily manage staff rosters by sending shift reminders, open shift notifications, and schedule confirmations, so that your employees and business stay on schedule
  • Send order updates, in-stock SMS notifications, and delivery confirmations to let your customers know that you’re on top of their business
  • Integrate SMS into your CRM to automate workflows and drive new cost savings across your business

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