The prognosis for healthcare is looking better than ever. Thanks to the power of SMS messaging, hospitals and clinics are better able to manage everything from blood pressure to budget pressure. It’s amazing what a simple text message can do. Avoid costly no shows, manage staff schedules and productivity, and improve customer care. It’s cost-effective yet the benefits are priceless.

Appointment reminders reduce no-show costs

You can’t treat an empty chair. It’s estimated that no shows cost the US healthcare system US$150 billion every year, with no-show rates running as high as 60 precent at some clinics. Studies show that sending an SMS reminder 24 hours in advance of an appointment can improve attendance rates by as much as 50 percent.

Two-way SMS gives patients a convenient way to confirm, reschedule, or cancel an appointment, and it reduces the number of inbound and outbound calls your staff must handle. MessageMedia’s powerful SMS APIs make it easy to integrate SMS reminders with your existing appointment system to automate the entire process, along with your cost savings.

SMS rostering streamlines workforce management

Healthcare providers need to be agile to respond to emergencies and ensure their operations don’t miss a beat.

SMS rostering is the fastest, most cost-effective way to manage schedules, fill last-minute openings, or quickly respond to an emergency. With SMS rostering you never have to wait for your staff to answer their phones or check their voicemail. They’ll instantly receive your message and see it as soon as they look at their phones, which is tpically in less than three minutes.

Our customers report that their employees prefer text messages because they’re less intrusive and a lot easier to respond to, whether they’re in a busy store or in the middle of a candlelit dinner. This translates into twice the response rates when compared with phone calls, and even greater improvements to outcomes.

SMS medication reminders, alerts, and more

Bulk SMS provides a cost-effective solution for sending everything from medication reminders to test results to emergency alerts. It’s fast, inexpensive, and flexible — allowing you to instantly reach patients anywhere, anytime, and on any device. It doesn’t matter what type of phone they have: smartphone, feature phone or even landline.

With MessageMedia’s SMS solutions, you’re able to quickly send messages to patients and providers, automate communications, and keep track of delivery and performance.

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