Familiar sender

Develop trust with your customers through conversation.

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Familiar sender removes the complexity of dedicated numbers, while continuing to offer the same benefits to your customers and allowing the adoption of an informal tone of conversation.  All your messages – as well as questions answered for the customer – will appear within a single sender on each customer’s device, making finding information and furthering the conversation as easily as messaging a close friend.

Who should use familiar sender?

Familiar sender is a suitable feature when:

  • Businesses are getting started with business messaging and are not yet ready for a dedicated number
  • An informal conversational tone of speech is preferred

How it works

MessageMedia’s familiar sender is an automated process that creates a relationship between a MessageMedia sending number and a recipient number. This relationship allows all messages sent between the MessageMedia account and the recipient to maintain the same MessageMedia sending number, providing a chronologically sorted conversation view for each recipient on their mobile device.

As long as there is activity between the two numbers, the relationship continues.

Note that if you are interested in advertising numbers whereby customers can contact you, our dedicated numbers feature is better suited.

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