Delivery receipts

Track your SMS messages and understand delivery status in real-time through our visual reporting.

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Measure the success of your send by accessing your delivery receipts (DRs) to determine how many of your messages arrived successfully.

MessageMedia provides true DRs as opposed to limited DRs. A true DR confirms that your message has been successfully delivered to the mobile handset of the customer, whereas a limited DR only confirms that the SMS has left the messaging gateway. This does not always reflect actual delivery of the message to the handset.

Your DR reports can be viewed through visual reporting on our portal or through the reporting API, or reporting API documentation.

DRs are extremely valuable. They can be utilised for strategic planning of campaigns, understanding customer experience and analysing your reach.

Furthermore, where messages are not received, this gives you the opportunity to troubleshoot and clean your database using tools such as HLR lookups.