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How SMS sales automation can scale your B2B or B2C business

Closing more deals and maintaining a steady pipeline of new business is vital to sales teams across organisations of any size. Text messaging is often seen as a medium for customer communications with 98% open rates, but its use cases are constantly expanding. Smart salespeople are using SMS’s quick delivery and relationship-building nature to nurture B2B and B2C leads through their pipelines – with great results!

[SMS] is the biggest return on investment that any sales agent can get. You can’t get that kind of ROI on the share market. You can’t get that anywhere.

Luke Newton, Director and Co-founder, LockedOn

Want to learn how you can leverage SMS sales automation to build a selling process that scales without you? Read on.

What is SMS sales

Simply put, it’s a technique and strategy that incorporates automated SMS — from prospecting to close — for sales teams and people. Adding text messaging to cultivate and move customers through the pipeline can prove fruitful by leveraging its many advantages and benefits.

Examples of using SMS for sales include:

  • Sales prospecting (cold and warm)
  • Follow-ups and reminders
  • Relationship building
  • Sales touchpoints
  • Scheduling appointments, demos and consultations
  • Many more!

More importantly, SMS marketing or sales techniques can be automated to avoid manually dealing with prospects one by one. With one click or a carefully scheduled campaign, you can drive up to 500x ROI through your current sales process.

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SMS sales automation: Programming or triggering bulk text sends once specific sales steps, conditions, or qualifications have been satisfied alongside the sales journey.

Benefits of using SMS sales automation

To the buyer or prospect, SMS looks and feels like a personalised, one-to-one conversation direct to their mobile number. With SMS sales automation, however, you’re not just sending one message at a time. Instead, you can send potentially millions of personalised messages to drive maximum ROI. By including automated text messaging into your sales process, you can:

  • Scale sales processes effortlessly and efficiently – for example, want to nurture numerous prospects? Build a workflow that automatically sends a reminder three days after a customer enters the consideration phase.
  • Deliver communications with speed and reliability – want to capture leads faster than your competitors, but in a less intrusive way? Instead of chasing them down via phone calls, let them know you’re available with a text delivered within seconds, but let them come back when they are available.
  • Build relationships with personalisation and intimacy – text messaging in sales feels personal and informal. This helps to build relationships and nurture trust between yourself and your client.

How to use SMS sales from lead generation to closing deals

There are innumerable ways to utilise text messaging to sell. Let’s dive deeper by looking at an example of an inbound B2B sales pipeline that could benefit from SMS automation:

An infographic showing the inbound sales journey with SMS


When a customer downloads an ebook or exchanges their contact information with your business, text messaging can help you nurture that relationship with additional content they might find interesting. This is similar to how one uses email marketing, but with faster engagement. To ensure the best engagement, delay your send by a few days — or possibly up to a week — so the customer can digest the initial content.


In this stage, your customer has made an appointment with a representative to demo your product or ask questions about your service. Use SMS, in this case, to send an appointment reminder one day before to ensure the customer shows up and also to show you that you value their time. Text messaging has proven in previous cases to be very useful to businesses who want to decrease no-shows by 50%.


Before a customer makes their final decision, they have agreed to a final contract but have not signed or sent it back approved yet. If you want to hasten their decision, text reminders (like appointment reminders) can work a treat as they create urgency when you want to close a deal. Add a further discount on your initial contract if they sign and send the contract back within the next 24 hours.

Because there are so many options, it’s essential to map out your current sales process. Here’s an example of a simple real estate B2C outbound selling journey:

An infographic showing a real estate sales journey map

Look at the entire journey and consider moments where:

  • Sales funnel leakage is occurring (points where the majority of your prospects drop off)
  • Deeper engagement (this can help build trust, familiarity and hasten the sales process)

If you are interested in finding out how else to integrate SMS into your specific sales process, make sure to chat with one of our messaging experts who can help.


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SMS sales automations integrations for maximum scalability

Most businesses will already be using multiple sales tools and systems. If you are after maximum scalability and minimum effort, automation is best.

If you want to integrate SMS, we’ve made it easy with several existing integrations that allow you to build different workflows and sales processes that incorporate text messaging. In some cases you can even use SMS internally to let, for example, sales leads or teams know when a new lead has been generated and requires a follow-up.

Here are three examples:

Build different sales journeys in HubSpot’s workflows builder and easily add SMS. For example, leading ecommerce retailer Vinomofo added text messaging to their email campaigns to re-engage customers. This increased sales conversions by 21%, and they recovered 50% of churning customers.

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Boost sales journeys by building better funnels with the power of sending SMS. Add SMS sales automation in action to your sales page and funnel design. This integration can only be connected through Zapier.

Send text messages to leads and contact records in Salesforce, or use multiple sales templates from the library to send messages when you need to — or on an ad hoc basis. Like HubSpot, you can also build workflow journeys that easily incorporate text messaging too.


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Final thoughts, further reading

Sales teams and people are always looking for the next advantage over their competitors. With automation tending towards generic or robotic, it’s becoming easier for buyers to ignore you. Consider more meaningful and personal methods like SMS to get their attention — faster than your rivals’ email!

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