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Shopify: Send SMS to customers for better marketing results

Struggling to get sales for your online store? Business owners and marketers are often unaware of the power of text message marketing.

With a 98% cut-through and 90% of messages opened within 90 seconds, SMS delivers incredible ROI for Shopify sellers. From abandoned cart recovery, to win backs, to simple marketing campaigns, text messaging is dynamic. Let’s look at why and how you can get started driving results today!

What is SMS text marketing

Definition: Communications and campaigns sent directly to a person’s text messages on their mobile phone. They require customers to opt-in, meaning messages are more relevant and require customers to become SMS subscribers.

You may have heard about SMS marketing and how powerful it is. Likewise, you may also have experienced it yourself, such as a discount offer from your favourite store. For its low cost (our plans start at less than $30), the results are often out-of-this-world.

An example SMS sent by company Simply For Strings

For example, music retailer Simply for Strings utilised our Shopify app SMS Marketing Automation to recover 40% of abandoned carts. They also saw 1100x ROI and 19.6% completed orders from a single mass text campaign.

Mobile marketing often involves using SMS messaging as a tool for promotions, offers, discounts, invites and so much more. It works because of its high cut-through and how fast it delivers and elicits responses.

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How to market my Shopify store using text messaging

It’s easy for anyone to implement SMS marketing but how do you drive the best results? Ecommerce entrepreneurs lack the time and resources to learn every new tool by themselves.

That’s why we’ve put together Shopify SMS marketing best practices straight to you:


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How to increase conversion rate on Shopify (Answer: SMS!)

When we analysed 100,000 Shopify SMS messages sent from our SMS Marketing Automation app, some interesting insights arose. Text messaging outpaced other tools such as email. With email inboxes becoming overly cluttered, consumers are turning to different communication channels.

Infographic showing a clock and 2 hours and 51 minutes per day text below

Consumer preferences are changing rapidly. Younger generations (soon becoming older decision-makers) prefer unobtrusive channels such as text messaging to send messages and receive business communications. Mobile usage dominates with Shopify reporting consumers spending almost 3 hours a day just on their phone.

Image showing 8% email engagement rate

Shopify store owners should leverage this knowledge to double the performance of traditional channels like eDMs and fulfil more shopping cart orders.

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What is the best time to send SMS marketing

One of the most common questions we get is when do I send, not just what. Luckily, we’ve figured out the best times and dates for you. Businesses will send at a variety of times and days during the week, but we found that:

A graph showing the times most our Shopify customers sent SMS

Three most popular times

1pm: 14%
8pm: 12%
7pm: 11%
Chart showing the most popular days to send SMS campaigns:

Monday: 18% of customers
Saturday: 18% of customers
Friday: 15% of customers

Monday and Saturday were most popular BUT Friday and Saturday produced the best results.

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3 top Shopify SMS marketing campaigns that work

Out of all the customers we surveyed, three popular text message campaigns produced the best results:

Early access and exclusive discounts

Giving customers early access to sales or exclusive discounts increases loyalty and engagement. Tap into the emotional rush of feeling special by a brand. Improve your results by ensuring that you personalise your messaging with first names, singular QR codes, and unique discount codes.

New product releases

Stay top of mind by letting customers know when you’ve released a new product or service. Like early access sales, customers have subscribed to your marketing alerts because they want to be the first to know! Other times, they may not even know this is something you sell or do. Keeping them informed is the best way to maintain their engagement and buying.

Alternative to store-wide sales

Store-wide sales are great for new customers or for specific times of the year but customers want and expect more. Get more targeted by utilising what you know about previous purchases and segmenting your customers into categories.

Want more? We have ready-made Shopify SMS marketing templates covering the top campaigns, plus more in our ebook below.


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Final thoughts further reading

There is no other marketing tool more universal and impressive than text messaging out there today. More and more customers are implementing SMS as part of their ecommerce experience due to its easy implementation and top results.

Is it time you start to use SMS as part of your Shopify communications? Start now by integrating SMS Marketing Automation or speak to one of our messaging experts.

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