22 February 2019

International SMS messaging to expand your business’s global reach

A large global business operates 24/7 and customers expect your availability at all times. This can be difficult when your local offices are only open during business hours, even if other branches are still available in overseas locations.

The best way to enable instant and reliable customer communication around time zones is international SMS. International SMS is popular as an extremely reliable method of communication with overseas customers or colleagues.

Reliable delivery means you can be assured that your overseas customers always receive your message, even if they don’t have internet access. You can send a single SMS, broadcast to a select group of contacts, or message your entire client database.

Not only will your international SMS messages be reliably delivered, but they are also read. SMS generates greater customer engagement and response than other forms of electronic communication, with over 90 percent of messages read within 90 seconds. SMS delivers a much higher open rate than email and has far more impact than a tweet. The average email open rate lags behind at 21 percent.

Use cases include marketing messages, billing notifications and reminders, or notification of travel delays and cancellations. Depending on your regions, you could even use MMS for unforgettable marketing messages, delivered virtually anywhere in the world.

International SMS works well for internal communications within international organisations with staff located across the globe. Crucial information, such as server outages, alerts, reminders, and general information that pertains to all staff – for example, office closures due to public holidays – is quickly and reliably relayed to the people or teams who need to know. Or ensure that all staff get the message quickly with a bulk SMS to the entire workforce, irrespective of location.

Using MessageMedia’s web portal, you can translate message content using our embedded Google Translate feature, which translates your messages into the required language.

Two-way messaging for customer responses

Incorporating two-way messaging and autoreplies allows easy and low-cost return communications from your overseas customers and staff, and is ideal for features like automated opt-out, appointment and booking rescheduling or cancellations, and customer service call-backs.

Reinforce your brand

Send your international SMS messages from the same number, every time, with a dedicated SMS number. This will make your message stand out, reinforcing a permanent and credible international marketing presence.

Reliability and deliverability

Downtime for most businesses is not an option. MessageMedia enables you to focus on your core business while we ensure your messages are sent out quickly and reliably – every time. MessageMedia messages reach their audience around the world – even large volumes of messages.

Our system is monitored 24/7 and we guarantee 99.95 percent uptime, with technology and infrastructure that is owned and managed by us.

We partner directly with major telecommunications companies, and our system can dynamically reroute messages if any given route is compromised. With multiple redundancies across our systems, both to the internet and in our Tier 1 links to telecommunications companies, we have eliminated single points of failure by installing extensive system-wide redundancies and fail-over.

Keep all your customers and staff in the loop!

International SMS gives you seamless, reliable and instant communication with your customers and staff – regardless of location and time zone with international SMS.

Find out how your global organisation can benefit from international SMS.

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