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Use our NetSuite SMS integration to auto send text messages

NetSuite users have been successfully engaging their customers with text messaging powered by MessageMedia for over a decade. The MessageMedia SMS integration for NetSuite allows businesses to send and receive SMS and MMS messages from within the NetSuite platform.

In this blog, we’ll break down our NetSuite integration so you can get the most out of business messaging. Let’s begin with some SMS basics.

Why SMS?

With 90% of messages read within 90 seconds, it’s no surprise that 68% of businesses are using text messaging to engage with their customers. Here’s a quick infographic that highlights some of the other key reasons why it’s a good idea to use SMS to engage your customers.

Today’s Most Effective Communication Channel

We’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg in how businesses can benefit from SMS. Some of the most common ways organisations are using text messages include:

  • notifications for order confirmations and delivery updates
  • appointment reminders and rescheduling options
  • customer support and inquiries
  • marketing promotions and campaigns

These are a few examples of how teams can quickly and cost-effectively attract, engage, and retain customers. With nearly instant return on investment, SMS is rapidly gaining business adoption.

To supercharge your SMS channel, it’s essential to seamlessly integrate your core business applications, like NetSuite. This approach ensures your systems are ready to support today’s most effective communication channel, SMS.

SMS + NetSuite = a powerful combination

The first step in adding SMS to NetSuite is to analyse your customer journey to find out where messaging can help the most.

Here are a few questions to help:

  • Where can SMS complement or replace an email we’re sending?
  • Where are there gaps in our communication?
  • What do our customers tell us about how they want us to communicate with them?

Answers to these questions can lead you in the right direction.

In addition, there are other ways that text messaging can benefit your organisation:

Automate your processes with workflows, templates, and keywords


Add SMS messages where they can add value to your customers and save time for your staff. With workflows and triggers, you can schedule messages to be sent based on customer action, date, or change in order status

Also, from within NetSuite, you can set up recurring daily, weekly, or monthly batch messages based on specific criteria using a NetSuite Saved Search.


You can also create and use SMS templates with mail merge functionality for regularly used messages. Save time by storing frequently used headers and footers for automatic inclusion in every message.


Send SMS messages to make things easier for your staff. Using keywords you can route inbound messages and trigger auto-responses to quickly answer common questions. You can also use the MessageMedia KeyLink functionality to receive inbound messages from leads and customers.

Improve visibility into customer communication

All SMS messages sent and received in NetSuite are recorded in the associated message log allowing you to see all communications with a customer in one place. Replies are delivered to the same record while notifying the appropriate NetSuite user via email.

Gain insights with analytics and reporting

Access insights on your SMS messages by tracking the delivery of messages sent. You can see individual message results, as well as reports that include metrics on batch SMS messages.

Every department can leverage SMS

The potential use cases for SMS are endless and each department within your organisation can leverage its powerful cut-through. These are some of the top ways that teams are currently using the SMS integration for NetSuite:


Using SMS and Netsuite for marketing allows you to drive additional revenue and improve conversion rates with personalised, high-impact messages to your customers. Send messages for marketing campaigns and to nurture leads, provide special offers and promotions, send event notifications and let customers know when items are back in stock.

AN example SMS for a sales promotion

Customer success

Provide impeccable customer support with two-way SMS conversations, all easily sent from within your NetSuite instance. Use those messages for order status updates and shipment notifications, return and refund updates, post-sales surveys, and support requests. MessageMedia customer Port Networks used SMS for Netsuite to allow customers to initiate or receive customer support through two-way messaging. This helped reduce customer queues by a staggering 50%.

An example SMS showing a customer success check-in

PRO TIP: Use MMS messages to send and receive messages with images. This will allow you to provide instructions or have customers send you details on how an order was damaged.


Improve lead conversion rates by sending follow-up communication and allowing customers to schedule and reschedule appointments directly with sales team members.


Improve cash flow with billing reminders. You can automate those messages or send them on an ad hoc basis – whichever works for you. You can also send purchase receipts, statement notifications, and payment confirmations.

An example SMS used to remind a customer about an outstanding bill

Final thoughts, further reading

SMS is a powerful way to reach your customers and when you combine it with NetSuite you can save your team time and energy. Read on to learn more about integrating SMS into your NetSuite platform.

Discover more about MessageMedia’s text messaging solution for NetSuite, or schedule a free consultation with one of our NetSuite SuiteApp text messaging experts.