Recover Abandoned Carts with SMS

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Text message reminders and promotional offers can increase completed orders by up to 26%.

An illustration showing a phone with some text messages

What is Abandoned Cart Recovery and how does it work with SMS?

Abandoned Cart recovery helps you reclaim otherwise lost revenue from customers who abandon their cart on your ecommerce site before completing their order. Use SMS communications to convince them to revisit the cart and fulfill their purchase.


of online sales get lost to abandoned carts*

*Simply for Strings Case Study


of revenue is recoverable with cart reminders*


get triggered by incentives, such as add-ons & discounts*


of shoppers are more likely to buy with free shipping*

4 core use cases for SMS in the retail industry

Sales Offers and Promotions image

1. Sales Offers and Promotions

SMS is one of the most cost-efficient ways to promote your business and products. Use SMS to push out new offers and stay relevant to your audience while staying ahead of your competitors.

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2. Shopping Cart Reminders

Use the power of SMS to recover abandoned carts by reminding customers that they left something in their cart. Recapture potential customers and increase conversions by staying front of mind.

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3. Re-Targeting Promotions

Re-engage potential customers by driving them back to your site with new offers and promotions. SMS is a less intrusive channel and gets the cut-through you need to drive sales and customer loyalty.

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4. Inventory Updates & Alerts

Keep your customers in the loop with relevant inventory alerts via SMS. Whether you want to send a back-in-stock update or a notification that an order is ready for collection, SMS lets you send the latest updates fast.

Explore the Abandoned Cart Recovery Case Study

Explore the Abandoned Cart Recovery Case Study image

Ecommerce store Simply for Strings was struggling with abandoned carts for their higher-priced orders. By using SMS reminders in parallel with two-way messaging within Shopify, they improved click-throughs, increased order completions and grew their ROI.