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An SMS gateway that’s built for speed and scale

Our enterprise-grade SMS gateway ensures your messages arrive securely and on time – no matter what.

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Guarantee network uptime of 99.99 percent of the time so you have no downtime.

SMS Service & SMS Provider - Two-way SMS provider Australia


Multiple data centres, auto re-routing and 24/7 carrier monitoring for reliable message delivery.

SMS Service & SMS Provider - Email to SMS global service


High throughput capability to seamlessly handle extreme volumes of messages.

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We don’t offer one guarantee. We give you three.

Rest assured with our triple service guarantee (gateway uptime, network redundancy and our money back guarantee), combined with multiple layers of security and best practice processes. Also included is excellent support, training and documentation. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure and redundancy mean no downtime for your business.

Gateway features

Dedicated account management 

Ensuring you get the best value from your investment.

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Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS enables you to quickly and easily send a single SMS to tens – or thousands – of recipients.

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Safe and secure 

We don’t take chances with your security.

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Onshore delivery 

An onshore gateway ensures privacy and peace of mind.

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Email to SMS

Send messages via your existing email program, such as Outlook, Gmail or Office365, with no need for additional software.

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Ensure your business does not send duplicate messages to the same customer

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Character conversion

Automatically remove special characters that can result in excessive charges and garbled messages.

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Optimised routing

Continuous monitoring of carrier networks with automatic alternate routing in the event of outage or failure.

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High speed

Thousands of messages processed per second with 95 percent of messages delivered within two seconds.

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