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Features of our messaging platform

We built a range of features for SMS, MMS, and Mobile Landing Pages to help you engage with your audience in a trackable way.

Ways to reach your audience

Our products are feature-rich and created with businesses in mind, from the simple SMS to the tailored mobile landing page to the eye-catching multimedia message.

  • Send simple yet effective text messages

    Get impactful messages to your contacts in real-time to achieve valuable business outcomes. Have one-on-one conversations or send thousands of notifications at once via SMS gateway.

  • Build custom, rich landing pages

    Deliver greater customer experience and more conversions by sending personalised mobile landing pages with trackable links. Use our ready-made templates and add in your branding; no web developers or expensive hosting required.

  • Add imagery to your messages

    Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) lets you add GIFs, images, or branding to increase engagement significantly. Send information in an eye-catching way without having to worry about 160 character limits.

An extensive range of features

Click below to see feature highlights for either SMS, Mobile landing pages, MMS, our web portal, or API connections

Our customers get results

We have seen businesses achieve significant improvements by sending SMS and rich messages in a streamlined and cost-effective way.