Financial services

Your customers are mobile. Now your financial services can be too. SMS messaging gives you a powerful solution for reaching your customers — anytime, anywhere, and on any mobile device.

It doesn’t matter whether they have a smart phone or a dumb phone, mobile email or the right OS. With SMS, you don’t have to worry about spam filters, or developing and marketing a new app. You’re able to instantly send fraud alerts to minimise losses, payment reminders to help customers stay on top of their bills, and other notifications to improve customer service.

Your customers will appreciate the convenience of text messages. And you’ll love the new cost savings and opportunities to work with an engaged audience who has opted into your SMS communications.

Advantages of using SMS banking

  • Increase adoption of mobile banking and payment to achieve new cost savings and boost engagement with your brand
  • Unlock mobile services for all customers — anytime, anywhere, and on any type of phone
  • Use text messages for payment reminders, debt collection, and account updates, reducing the cost of inbound and outbound calls to your call centre
  • Send fraud alerts and implement two-factor authentication (2FA) to reduce losses and improve account security
  • Deliver value-added services over SMS to grow your opt-in list, and then leverage it for cross-selling and lead nurturing
  • Improve on-time payment rates with convenient payment reminders, personalised messages, and text-to-pay services

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