Add SMS to HubSpot Workflows

With approximately 90% of text messages being read within 90 seconds of sending, SMS is a powerful addition to any communication workflow.

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Drive lead conversions

Send sales SMS messages to engage leads, send meeting reminders and automate follow up processes to help increase conversions.

Increase campaign ROI

Promotional messages have an average 23% conversion rate. Send personalised messages with marketing campaigns.

Reduce no-shows by 50%

Automate event and meeting reminders to increase attendance rates. Add meeting links and save time with rescheduling.

SMS Service & SMS Provider - SMS provider Messagemedia

Extend your customer communications

Are you looking to increase cut-through and engagement with your customers? SMS is a powerful channel to connect with customers in their preferred way. With MessageMedia for HubSpot, you can now add SMS to your communication strategy and stand out from the crowd. Check out the video to learn more!




Send and receive SMS in workflows

Extend your existing workflows to create an omni-channel experience in HubSpot, or build new workflows to increase customer engagement. You can choose to add SMS as a trigger OR action. Simply configure your workflows from SMS Sent or SMS Received,  and even build additional workflows to trigger when you receive a reply from customers.



Track and analyse contact activity

Easily monitor customer engagement, as SMS messages are automatically recorded in the contact activity. Logs include details such as message content and delivery date and time. Allowing you to track the frequency and effectiveness of your messages, and optimise for the best performance.

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