Enterprise webhooks

Ensure information is coming from verified sources and protect your system from unwanted data.

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In an ever-increasing world of web applications, security is an absolute necessity. Webhooks are incredibly useful but can create security vulnerabilities in your application if not implemented properly. Enterprise webhooks are best suited for organisations that exchange sensitive data in real time via webhooks and thus, require an additional level of security.

Enterprise webhooks ensure that information is coming from verified sources and prevent unwanted data from entering the system. They also limit requests to those coming from a trusted source.

This can be accomplished by implementing an authentication mechanism for all webhooks sent via the source, but this method introduces more complexity for the recipient of the webhook.

At MessageMedia, our webhooks system uses RSA asymmetric encryption to securely encrypt data being sent between two parties. As well as providing security, RSA supports businessesā€™ need for key rotation policies, enabling them to create, delete or even replace a previous private key.