Ensure your business does not send duplicate messages to the same customer

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Sending duplicate messages is not only a waste of resources but can potentially annoy your customers. Receiving identical messages may even potentially lead your customers to unsubscribe from all communications altogether.

Deduplication is a feature that helps with data cleanliness and eradicates duplicate messages by automatically detecting and withholding messages deemed to be duplicates.

With this feature in place, businesses no longer need to undertake the time-consuming and daunting task of data cleansing before commencing a send, reducing the time taken to distribute customer communications.

While this feature is not exclusive to MessageMedia, our deduplication uses a 24-hour window. If a business sends a message to the same customer with the same content within a 24-hour period, the subsequent message(s) will be withheld and rejected. In technical terms, a ā€˜rejectedā€™ error code status is returned in your response where you can check for this specific status ā€“ instead of requiring a developer write a script to filter out duplicates.

If you are already using MessageMedia, thereā€™s no need for changes to your application. Simply contact our support service to request this change to your account configuration.