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The retail revival: Learn about the post-COVID consumer with Amanda Stevens

As bricks and mortar retail slowly recovers from the pandemic, ecommerce has surged in bounds and waves. Key seismic shifts have meant a completely new retail marketplace for brands to fail or flourish. Internationally renowned consumer futurist Amanda Stevens has partnered with MessageMedia on a free webinar series to provide guidance for any business on reviving their retail offering. Sign up for our free webinar series and learn all about the new post-COVID consumer with exclusive insights from her latest, in-depth consumer study.

**NEW** Retail Revival Industry Panel with Amanda Stevens


Hosted by top consumer futurist Amanda Stevens, we’re brought together industry leaders and experts in an interactive panel on how to adapt, digital-first, in a post-COVID consumer world. Blending the latest insights from her Retail Consumer Trends whitepaper with practical advice, viewers will walk away with data-led strategies on how to optimise the customer experience, grow loyalty and increase sales. Plus all attendees will get exclusive first access to the whitepaper.

Panellists include:


Retail Revival Industry Panel Webinar

Learn top strategies for success from successful retailers and experts

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Episode One: The New Consumer


COVID brought on a lot of changes, including the way consumers shop and how traditional retail is carried out. From Amanda Steven’s exclusive in-depth consumer study, learn top insights on what is behind the new consumer’s behaviours, motivations and priorities. Understand how technology has evolved and how this will impact the way digital consumers choose to interact with your brand today.

Highlights include:

  • How consumers want to be communicated with, and when
  • Why consumers want high tech, high touch experiences
  • How to adapt to consumer’s new product research journeys
  • Which retail categories have boomed (and will keep growing)
  • What are the new customer expectations, and how to manage them
  • Which digital tools are most effective in reaching these consumers (hint: it’s not email)

Episode Two: Strategies for Thriving in Changing Times


Take a deeper dive into new consumer research to understand how to take advantage of key shifts in the market! Amanda will take you through where the new online and offline opportunities lie for retailers, and how both can work together as one omnichannel strategy. Take away Amanda’s top 5-7 strategies to boost your retail offering and position your customer experience as the key differentiator in a highly competitive post-COVID world.

Highlights include:

  • Putting insights from our first webinar’s consumer research into action
  • Importance of being curious and asking questions
  • How to amplify you marketing with the power of personalisation
  • Building customised experiences with data driven strategies
  • Growing customer advocacy and loyalty from end-to-end

Episode Three: Strategies for Thriving in Changing Times


Join us for an interactive journey-mapping workshop! We’ll take the top insights and strategies from our first two sessions and combine them to start building a better customer experience. Learn where you can insert more high tech, high touchpoints, and how to flip friction points into positive moments that drive loyalty and customer advocacy.


Retail Revival: Understand the post-COVID consumer

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Final thoughts, further reading

Retail businesses that thrive in the coming years, despite challenging circumstances, are the ones who will best understand their customer and create experiences that meet their needs. Stay on top of the latest consumer research, trends and tools by also checking out: