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SMS trial delivers unique customer engagement data for event promotion

Events promoter Success Resources Australia hosts events with speakers such as Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson, Gary Vaynerchuk, Robert Kiyosaki and many more for the purpose of motivating and supporting individuals, enterprises and organisations through education.

Success Resources recently participated in a trial with MessageMedia for its ‘Unleash the Power Within’ Australian event with Tony Robbins. The organisation trialled a new type of customised mobile landing page sent via SMS and strengthened by MessageMedia’s short trackable links with tailored link previews.

The trial included two SMS broadcasts, which invited participants to the event.

Customisable link previews

Firstly, short trackable links were used to shorten the URL within the SMS messages to just 22 characters, thereby freeing up characters for important conversion text.

Link previews then enabled customers to preview the link content within the SMS, so they could see exactly what they were going to click on. The purpose of the image is to increase customer interest in the link, and assure recipients of the nature of the content, building trust in the brand.

Link previews provide a customised view of the link.

When the customer clicked on the link they were taken to a mobile landing page for additional information about the campaign.

Tailored mobile landing pages

The benefits of a landing page are many, such as getting a specific webpage on your website up and running quickly. Otherwise, this can be a significant challenge, especially if you were to customise each page for each recipient!

What if you could create landing pages for specific campaigns that were not dependant on your website? Imagine if you could circumvent any shortcomings or logistical challenges related to updating your website?

MessageMedia’s mobile landing pages will do exactly this, by providing a tailored webpage that looks clean and professional in no time, which is then distributed to your customer base via SMS.

The landing page contains all the required information and includes a button to direct customer action to the next stage, such as ‘Book now’.

Success Resources Australia used a mobile landing page for its ‘Unleash the Power Within’ event. The landing page included one-tap buttons, enabling customers to book quickly and easily from the SMS. Alternatively, they could access more information with the ‘Learn more’ button.

The landing page features one-tap action buttons.

The results: Customer analytics for greater insights

The greatest benefit for Success Resources Australia was access to additional data to better understand customer engagement levels and activities.

With analytics providing details on who clicked through to the landing page, Success Resources Australia now has the opportunity to re-target customers based on their interactions with the SMS content.

Craig Thompson, Head of Business Analytics at Success Resources, adds, “We can get insights on which specific customers viewed or clicked on which message, informing us of the events that interest each customer. This then helps us determine where to focus our marketing efforts, especially for the bigger events, which have longer sales cycles.”

Moreover, using link previews and landing pages provides another avenue to contact the customer. With such a long sales cycle, there are many elements forming part of the organisation’s marketing campaign, and SMS is a critical part of this.

About Success Resources

Success Resources is the world’s largest and most successful promoter of professional and personal development programs. Success Resources has staged and marketed world-class events for over 25 years in the fields of management and leadership, sales and marketing, personal development, and wealth creation to millions of participants worldwide.

The company’s central objective is to change lives globally through its high impact and experiential breakthrough programs, resulting in both immediate and long-term changes for clients.

Success Resources now hold over 500 proprietary and exclusively managed events a year in 35 countries across Oceania, Asia, America, Africa and Europe, featuring the world’s leading thinkers and achievers of our time.

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