15 June 2020

SMS marketing tips for EOFY sales

The end of the financial year (EOFY) is always an exciting time. It can mean a little extra back in consumer’s pockets, and a little bit more to spend. For retailers and ecommerce sellers especially, it can be a great time to clear away extra stock and to make some extra sales. With open rates of 98% and 8x the response rate of email, SMS is your secret weapon to make the most out of your sales during tax-time.

Here’s how you can make the most of it with SMS marketing tactics as tax-time rounds the corner. 

Using SMS marketing for retailers  

Who doesn’t remember a great year with EOFY sales? With retailers and stores opening up again, this is a great time to remind customers to get back in the shopping spirit and into your stores. 

Here are our top tips:  

  • Remind customers that you’re open and sales are on 

Most customers are still unaware or wary of going to the shops despite the easing of COVID-19 restrictions. After several months stuck inside, they’ll be restless for any excuse to venture outdoors. Give them one! 

Send an SMS to let customers know that you’re open and sales are on. Make sure to text current customers, but also alert new customers through other channels such as social media, your website, or even just posting up sales signs in your shop windows too.   

SMS reminders EOFY sales are on

Want to use this template? <<Hey [name], we’re thrilled to announce that we’re opening soon and with some amazing 25% EOFY sales! Come June 9th, open hours are 9 –5, Sunday, 10 – 3. We’ll be adhering to all COVID-19 OHS and gov guidelines. Any questions, feel free to ask here. Hope to see you soon!>> 

  • Get them in-store with better deals

With some stores holding onto more stock in their stores, you may want to encourage customers to come in by using SMS marketing campaigns with even deeper discounts to get that stock moving.  

SMS alert get them in store discount

Want to use this template? <<Hey there, we love that you’re enjoying our online store! Did you know that during EOFY you can get a 25% discount on your favourite pieces by showing this coupon when you come in-store? [Link] Limited time only, until stock is sold out.>>

EXTRA TIP: Make sure you keep SMS messages to 160 characters when sending bulk text messages. MessageMedia has an inbuilt character counter so you will never go over.

  • Treat repeat shoppers or VIP members to special deals 

Nurture long-term relationships (and make prospective customers jealous) by promoting special deals or treats for repeat customers or VIP club members. EOFY is a great time, like birthdays and Christmas, to give loyal customers a special treat or gift during this extremely tough year. Make sure you promote these special treats out via your socials or on your website to encourage others to keep shopping or to sign up to your loyalty club too.  

For current customers

SMS EOFY special deals to current loyalty club or VIP customers

Want to use this template? <<Hi [name], as it’s your third year with us, we wanted to treat you this EOFY to a very special offer. Get one of our limited edition DIY candle kits for FREE. Come in store over the next 2 weeks and show us your Maker’s Own club card. Hope to see you there.>>

For new customers (on your website)  

Website pop up to collect customer numbers for SMS campaigns

Using SMS marketing for ecommerce 

Thanks to COVID, ecommerce sales are rising and more people than ever are enjoying the online shopping experience. While retailers are capitalising on people wanting to shop in-person again, it’s also a good time to follow suit and make sure that your customers are aware that EOFY sales also extend online. 

Here are our top tips:  

  • Tell customers you’re participating in EOFY 

While most bigger retailers will always participate in EOFY, whether it’s online or in-store, it’s a good opportunity for smaller ecommerce businesses to let current and prospective customers know they’re participating.  

With current customers, send them a quick text using your bulk SMS service to tell them what special sales or deals you’re doing across the month. It could be a discount that lasts across June, or it could be a changing or rotating discount depending on the week or the day. 

ecommerce SMS reminder EOFY sales are on

Want to use this template? <<We love tax-time! Do you? For the whole of June, we’re doing 25% off all Best Wishes, and up to a whopping 30% off Birthday cards. Sounds good? Choose the design and colours with our online personalisation station for free. Get on it now: [link]>>

For newer customers, it’s unlikely you’ll have their numbers. However, SMS marketing could still come into play. When new customers become aware of you, use a pop-up, email marketing or social competition to get them to exchange their details for an extra sweet discount or prize that will be sent to them via SMS. 

Example of a social campaing for SMS journey

Want to use this template? <<Hold your hats! We’ve got a sweet-as competition throughout June to celebrate EOFY. Text us your name and favourite lolly as a kid to [dedicated SMS phone number], and go in the chance to win our fantastic Lolly Little Premo lolly hamper subscription for a whole year. This plus even more special discounts, deals and surprises when you head to [link]>>

Once they’ve texted in or submitted their details, set up an automated SMS reply like this:

SMS campaign after information is collected

Want to use this template? <<Thanks [name]! We love snakes too. You’re now in the draw for the Lolly Little Premo lolly hamper. We’ll let you know the winner on June 30th. For now, let us know if you want to opt-in to more EOFY deals, and competitions via text, text us: YES LOLLY or you can opt-out by texting: OPT OUT>>

<<Awesome [name]! Here’s your first special EOFY deal, get 30% off any pick and mix bundle when you come into our store. Just show us your coupon: [Link] >>

RELATED: Don’t have their digits? Read our top tips and creative ways to get customer phone numbers and find out how you can start building your customer database now. 

  • Use promotions and flash sales wisely 

There is nothing that will beat the convenience and ease of online sales against sales in-store. For businesses that have both, make sure to use different strategies and SMS campaigns to meet the needs of customers who prefer one over another. 

For ecommerce stores, use flash sales to encourage impulse purchases, or to recoup abandoned carts, while focusing in-store sales strategies on customers who prefer the experience of in-store sales, or checking out products before they buy. 

ecommerce SMS recover abandoned cart reminder EOFY

Want to use this template? <<Hello! We noticed that there were some items left in your shopping cart. If you want to complete your order, we can give you an additional 15% off for EOFY if you purchase within the next two hours. See your shopping cart here, and use code: EOFY15 – [link]>>

EXTRA TIP: Whether it’s a tech deal or clothing discount, always make sure you include a call to action at the bottom of every text message you send.

  • Buying online is better with free delivery  

One of the hardest things to overcome between ecommerce stores and in-store shopping is the immediacy of your purchase. When you buy in-store, you get to experience the thrill of the gift almost immediately whereas there is always a gratification delay with online shopping. 

With postal delivery becoming faster and faster, the best way to encourage online sales during EOFY is to gift free express delivery. If this might be too expensive for you, make sure to encourage bulk buys or minimum cost buys ($50 or above for free express delivery) for faster postage. 

Final thoughts

Most importantly, if your business has ecommerce and in-store locations, use all of these tactics together to make the most out of EOFY sales this year. Make sure to use different strategies to create a strong customer journey that converts. 

For example, if you’re a makeup brand and the data tells you that customers prefer to try out products instore, make sure you get them to sign up to your VIP club while they’re there. If they didn’t buy anything, use their customer details to re-market select products to them via SMS. Push them to purchase through your ecommerce store using a shortened link and even better discount. Make sure to put a time limit on that discount so it creates an urgency to buy now!

Look at your data and customer journeys from last year, and other peak buying times, and figure out what are the best strategies for your customers during EOFY.  

eofy sms banner free sign up

Got a retail or ecommerce business who could benefit from SMS? Talk to us, or sign up now to get 25 free SMS messages. 

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