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SMS/NetSuite integration: Costs are down, customer satisfaction is up

A fast-growing consumer tech product company based in the US was spending a small fortune on customer support, which was outsourced to a third-party contact centre.

The vast majority of calls came from customers wondering whether their order had been shipped. As the company provided potentially-lifesaving products, not surprisingly, customers were eager to know when their item would arrive.

Not only were these calls driving up operating costs, but they also reflected an inferior experience for customers who were not aware of the status of their delivery.

The company implemented MessageMedia’s retail/ecommerce solution for NetSuite integrated with SMS, which comes pre-configured with an automated shipment notification workflow. The means whenever a customer’s order status changes, for example, from ‘processing’ to ‘shipped’, the workflow automatically triggers an SMS to the customer’s mobile phone to inform them of the change and their tracking number.

After integrating MessageMedia for NetSuite, inbound customer calls dropped dramatically, resulting in a huge reduction in the company’s third-party contact centre costs.

The company also set up post-sale surveys via the SMS integration to canvas customer experience.

Even more significant than the cost or efficiency savings was the increase in customer satisfaction, based on the company’s proactive communication that kept customers informed.

What could you do with MessageMedia for NetSuite?

Integrating SMS with NetSuite gives a business the capability to automate a number of use cases within e-commerce, such as:

  • Order status notifications
  • Shipment notifications
  • Updates on expected delivery dates
  • Delivery confirmations
  • Post-sale customer feedback surveys automatically sent to recent customers based on a saved search within NetSuite
  • Promotional content to encourage return business

Companies can also access pre-built workflows for common retail/ecommerce use cases, and broadcast messages based on saved searches.

Increase efficiency with a conversational inbox for real-time chat with end customers. With a NetSuite integration, a contact centre agent can conduct several SMS conversations at once in the same way as live chat, as opposed to one-by-one on a phone call. All conversations are conducted within the NetSuite platform with no need to open any other applications or platforms.

Similar to the real-life case study above, a MessageMedia for NetSuite integration provides benefits such as gains in operational efficiency through automated SMS triggers, lower inbound call volumes, increased efficiency for customer service and sales teams, and increased customer engagement and satisfaction levels.

Find out more about your SMS integration with NetSuite or contact us and start experiencing the benefits today!