26 September 2019

Is retail/ecommerce engagement better with personalised marketing?

It’s all about personalisation

Retail and ecommerce customers look for a personalised shopping experience. In fact, predictions show that the customer experience is so critical that it will surpass differentiation by price or product in coming years.

The statistics clearly agree. More than 80 percent of customers want brands to get to know them and intuitively know the right (and wrong) times to make contact. Three-quarters (75 percent) of customers are more likely to choose a retailer that knows their name, purchase history, and recommends products based on past purchases. As many as 52 percent of customers would even change brands if they felt they were not receiving a personal experience.

Retail and ecommerce customers want their personalised experiences to facilitate their future engagement with the brand. In terms of types of preferred personalised content, they want discounts on products, new product or brand promotions, suggested products based on purchasing history, reminders to purchase products that need replenishing or replacing, and notifications of items left in carts.

Yet 83 percent of marketers cite creating personalised content as their biggest challenge.

The best channels for personalisation

Personalised marketing comes in many forms, but as more businesses realise that a personal marketing strategy far outperforms costly generic campaigns, standing out from the crowd with creative marketing ideas for retail and ecommerce is becoming increasingly difficult.

Your marketing strategy probably includes email campaigns. While an email can provide a highly targeted approach, open rates are low (20 percent), click-through rates even lower (2.5 percent), and there is little capacity to track conversion rates.

Social media can be personalised to some degree, however, it also presents challenges with changing algorithms, rising costs, fast-changing trends and congested feeds.

One long-standing messaging channel continues to prevail. SMS has a 98 percent open rate and a 46 percent response rate. Ninety percent of recipients will read their SMS message within 90 seconds. SMS should clearly form part of your retail/ecommerce marketing strategy.

Transform the personalised experience

Already a highly personal channel, new SMS technology delivers an even better personalised messaging experience.

Mobile landing pages is a new messaging technology that not only capitalises on the cut-through of SMS and enhances the customer experience, but takes personalisation to a new level.

The customer’s SMS journey is transformed from a text message to a fully personalised mobile landing page designed to drive measurable customer engagement. Businesses can create a personalised SMS campaign with landing pages customised to their own brand, as well as using the customer’s name within the message.

In addition, by using unique short trackable links, businesses can measure customer engagement to gauge the campaign’s success and inform your future SMS campaign or online marketing strategy.

Example 1: Tailored vouchers or discounts

Use mobile landing pages to send a discount voucher to your customers. The customer is greeted by name, even when messages are sent as bulk SMS. The mobile landing page shows a barcode that is unique to every customer and redeemable online or in-store. Call-to-action buttons invite the recipient to shop online (‘Shop now’) or locate their nearest store (‘Find store’). Analytics tell you who has redeemed their voucher, when and where (either in-store or online).

Case study: The Athlete’s Foot

“We issued new vouchers using mobile landing pages to customers who had earned a voucher and sent reminders when the expiry of a voucher was imminent. We also ran a ‘win back’ campaign for customers who had not engaged with our brand for an extended period,” explains Jacinta O’Brien, Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) at The Athlete’s Foot.

“We had a 13 percent click-through rate (CTR) from the mobile landing page, which is much higher than email. Our email CTR varies, but on average it’s around two percent. Across five campaigns over six weeks the voucher redemption rate averaged 13 percent. We’re really pleased with this result.”

Example 2: VIP events

Loyal customers love to feel like a VIP, and an invitation to an exclusive event truly conveys how much you genuinely value their business. Events can include early access to sales, a preview of new products, or a fashion show of new wares. Address your customers by name within your message, with an intriguing image to pique their interest. CTA buttons invite customers to book for the event or view more information.

What customers want

At the heart of the desire for a personalised marketing journey is the customer’s wish to be understood by their preferred brands, with experiences and offers that match their needs and likes. The best marketing plan includes personalised messaging that demonstrates that your business wants to meet these needs and cater to their preferences.

Mobile landing pages provide an effective and easy method to deliver this personalisation, further enhanced by tracking abilities for valuable insights and analytics to inform future retail and ecommerce marketing strategies.

Are you ready to appeal to the 86 percent of customers willing to spend more money when they receive personal attention and a positive experience?

Find out more about mobile landing pages or contact us today.

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