5 June 2019

MessageMedia’s web portal: Self-service messaging when you need it

The MessageMedia web portal is a convenient and intuitive interface where you can manage your own messaging campaigns. The user-friendly interface offers great functionality and features, while self-service means that the portal is available 24/7, with assistance available if required.

The web portal has a host of features that will get you sending messages seamlessly and easily.

Features of the web portal:

Account management: Easily access account and billing information at any time.

Bulk sending: Simply upload a CSV file with mobile numbers and content to send bulk messages. The file size limit equates to approximately one million messages of 160 characters each, which should be plenty for your business purposes! Easily send new or templated messages to your saved contacts, contact groups or a new list of recipients. This feature allows you to define your message details, add recipients, and even merge fields to personalise your content.

Contact management: Create contact groups for easier sending and contact management. This is particularly useful if you wish to send messages on a regular basis to a subset of contacts.

Default template: Save time by setting a default template, which pre-populates message fields in a similar way as an email signature.

Delivery status report: Easily generate reports when you need them. Create reports on messages sent and received, remaining credits, and delivery status of your messages at any time.

Email to SMS: Email to SMS is an additional means of sending messages. Simply use your email client to send SMS and monitor replies in your inbox.

Mobile landing pages: Enhance your messages with tailored previews, short trackable links, and a customised landing pages customised with your own logo, images, and call-to-action buttons.

Quick messages: Send a spontaneous message from any page in the platform.

Real-time inbox: View all inbound messages in your portal inbox. Click on a message to see the entire conversation history with a particular recipient. The recipient’s name is displayed (if in your contacts list) so you know with whom you are conversing. Reply easily by typing a response and clicking send.

Scheduling: Choose the time to send that suits you. If you want an SMS sent later or in another time zone, schedule your broadcasts for a specific date and time.

Short trackable links: Include a web address without sacrificing characters. This feature automatically creates a link of 22 characters, so you can add links within your SMS to your website, Facebook page, latest specials, or other sites to encourage recipient engagement.

Staggered sending: This feature manages replies to large scale broadcasts.

Social sending: Ensure your messages don’t arrive at the wrong time, potentially irritating customers. Ensure your messages go out between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm.

Two-way messaging: View your two-way message history in the conversational inbox for a complete view of engagement with each recipient.

Unicode: Enables foreign language characters and emojis.

Webhooks: If you or your developers use – or wish to use – webhooks in your API setup to monitor events, create and configure your webhooks in the MessageMedia web portal.

How do I get started?

Log in here to set up your account and get started!

For more information, visit MessageMedia’s web portal FAQs and help guides or contact us.

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