30 September 2015

How SMS messaging can boost your bottom line

Running a business is never an easy task, with multiple demands placed upon the modern business owner in our increasingly competitive world: such as the proliferation of online competitors who are open 24/7, complex tax and regulatory requrements, and ever-increasing ways to communicate with customers.

Our gateway offers Australian business owners, large and small, a suite of sophisticated solutions to help them communicate immediately with their customers and employees, saving time and money compared to traditional communication and marketing channels, boosting their bottom line in the process. From marketing, payment reminders to appointment reminders and more, MessageMedia has the technology to take your business to the next level.

Marketing: Reach more potential customers for less

Marketing is an integral ingredient of a successful business and also one of the more expensive and difficult aspects to get right. Marketing budgets are often large, yet the results are sometimes less than impressive.

Therein lies the beauty of SMS marketing, an integral element of our SMS API. This enables you to create mailing lists of customers or employees to distribute customised bulk SMS messages in a matter of seconds. Automated delivery reports ensure you’re immediately aware of any issues, which can then be rectified. The main benefit of SMS marketing compared to more traditional channels is its ability to cut through the clutter of today’s consumer environment, with 97 percent of all SMS messages opened, 83 percent within one hour of being received.

Due to the simple nature of this medium and its purely text-based nature, SMS is far superior on a cost basis too, potentially saving you thousands of dollars on traditional marketing campaigns.

 Payment reminders: Improve your cashflow, protect your business

The saying in business is ‘cash is king’ and, as any business owner will tell you, a lack of cashflow for even a short period of time can prove fatal to even the most robust business models. That’s where payment reminders enter the picture, offering a simple tool for reminding customers before their bill due dates or sending an automated follow-up reminder if payment is late by a certain number of days.

Once again, the benefit of SMS in this situation is its immediate nature and ability to cut through the distraction of the recipient’s busy day, with studies showing that SMS reminders increase the likelihood of on-time payments by between seven and nine percent. Not to mention that SMS is also unobtrusive and a cheaper option than an expensive debt collector!

 Appointment reminders: Cut costs by cutting no-shows

No-shows are one of the most frustrating situations for a business owner, as every missed appointment must then be re-scheduled, with loss of both time and revenue. Our appointment reminders effectively addresses this issue by sending automated SMS reminder text messages ahead of a client or patient’s scheduled appointment, ensuring they are aware of their scheduled appointment and therefore ready to attend on the day.

It also allows your clients or patients the opportunity to inform you if they are unable to attend, meaning you can offer this appointment to someone else. With over 90 percent of text messages read within 30 seconds of arrival according to one study, our appointment reminder SMS solution is a simple and low-cost tool for saving your business time and money by cutting those annoying no-shows.

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