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COVID-19: Free SMS support package for non-profits

UPDATED May 29th 2020: This offer has been extended till 30th of June.

Not-for-profits, charities and religious institutions are struggling to handle the fallout from COVID-19 across the world. A recent New York Times article estimates that US-based not-profits will run out their cash and donation reserves within six months while UK’s National Council for Voluntary Organisations estimates the industry is set to lose at least £4.3B over the next 12 weeks. While $200M has been pledged by the government to support not-for-profits in Australia, there is so much more we must do to help them.

SMS communications have always been a conduit for information and action. It has proven successful in helping governments supply communities with essential, accurate healthcare information as well as important directives about what can and cannot be done under new COVID-19 restriction laws. Commercial entities have used SMS to help them adapt during this crisis, especially healthcare in pivoting to telehealth and telemedicine. For the hospitality industry, we have seen many re-open their businesses by using SMS to organise and delivering food to wanting dinners at their homes.

What is the free Not-for-profit SMS package

There is still so much room for SMS services to aid other kinds of organisations and businesses in adapting to these changing circumstances. After the relative success and pick-up of our free hospo SMS ‘text-in’ SMS package to help shuttered hospitality businesses pivot to takeaway and delivery, MessageMedia Group has pulled together again to launch an additional free messaging package for charities and religious organisations in need. Many of these non-profits have likely never considered the power and potential in how SMS can help them during this time.

Our not-for-profit SMS package is comparable to our hospitality offer, except it is directed to serve and assist non-profits who have different, but not entirely diverse communication needs. We want to address several issues that have arisen due to COVID-19, including:

  1. Social isolation
  2. Access to support or further information
  3. Community outreach
  4. Staff and volunteer communications
  5. Connecting congregations

We’re standing by our commitment as a company to help those who are suffering right now, but especially those who have had our back through many crises before this one. There are almost 300,000 non-profit workers right now at risk of losing their jobs across Australia. While many jobs are on the line due to decreased budgets and donations, these organisations are also dealing with increased demand and a lack of volunteers.

Over the past few weeks, we have been helping numerous not-for-profits and religious institutions access SMS services to enhance their communications, reach more donors and better serve their most vulnerable communities. We believe that it’s time we use this opportunity to give back to those who help oth ers.

How leading non-profits have used SMS comms during COVID-19

In the past, MessageMedia has helped numerous NFPs with their telephone and web support service needs. With COVID-19, we are seeing many more occur, however common messaging themes have risen to the surface such as:

Life WIthout Barriers Changes to community services,
such as tele/web support services
support changes Community and welfare checks
on the vulnerable
NFP program changes How to access government support
if in hardship
Community help How to keep
Community outreach Community outreach, especially
outreach to our most vulnerable

What our Not-for-profit SMS package includes 

To help NFPs get started, we want to offer:

  • Free use of MessageMedia SMS services for the government shutdown period* in a package that includes free messaging credits, plus a dedicated phone number to promote to your customers.
  • Assistance with getting up and running with one of our messaging experts.
  • Access to advice and tools via our customer resources hub, such as high-performing messaging templates we’re seeing used by the non-profit sector right now.
Non profit charity free SMS offer banner

To take advantage, please contact our team today and reference this offer.

See further terms below.

As we all do our best to cope with COVID-19, it is our mission to empower your organisation as well as your vulnerable communities during this time. We are committed to providing access and expertise to our services throughout this period.

MessageMedia continues to persist in exploring how else we can expand our efforts and services to assist those on the front-line, as well as other communities impacted severely by COVID-19. For now, we encourage you to stay home, stay safe and look after one another.

Further Reading

Here are some other helpful resources that you might find useful in assisting your non-profit to get the assistance it needs:

  • Check out our COVID-19 customer resources hub that has lots of support material including additional messaging templates, SMS preparation checklist and so much more.
  • Listen to our recent webinar on how SMS can assist NFPs in communicating with their stakeholders during COVID-19.
  • Read up on our work with non-profit RSPCA ACT on how SMS helped them better enhance service levels.
  • Have friends in the hospitality space who are also impacted? Check out our free Hospo SMS ‘text’in package too.

Terms and Conditions: 

  • Available for registered not-for-profits in Australia, one package per organisation.
  • Offer available until 30 June 2020.
  • Usage is intended to be during the government enforced shutdown period for non-profits. We will allow usage for the next three months and reserve the right to review at any point. Fair use of up to 200 messages per day.
  • You can cancel at any time – there’s no lock-in contract.
  • We reserve the right to change, cancel or modify this offer at any time. We will inform you before making any such change to ensure you don’t incur unexpected costs.