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Drive more sales this EOFY with SMS

It’s the most wonderful time of year. EOFY, of course.

30 June can be a super exciting time for retailers and shoppers alike. After all, at tax time, shoppers are likely to have a little more cashola in their pockets. (Fingers crossed.)

In fact, EOFY is gearing up to be one of Australia’s largest retail events, as we start to emerge from the pandemic.

And just as we’ve adapted to our ‘new normal’, so have our shopping habits. What’s more, as our latest report has uncovered, this behaviour is here to stay.

The New Shopping Normal describes how almost half of shoppers prefer to keep making their purchases online, rather than heading in-store.

So as our inboxes get swamped with ‘tax time’ messages, consider using SMS to cut through the EOFY clutter. Here are five handy tips to better promote your business via SMS during tax time.

1. Reward loyal fans with exclusive deals

Give your most loyal customers the red carpet treatment by offering early access to discounts, or a members-only sale. It can be as simple as texting a VIP discount code to snag a sweet deal. Little effort. Big win.

2. Make your store stand out

Not all Aussies are content to shop behind a screen. Some, like our ‘Experience Enthusiasts’ (more on this in our latest report), can’t wait to set foot in bricks and mortar stores.

So how can your business stand out from the crowd? Try offering exclusive in-store discounts to draw shoppers your way. Just be sure to promote these in-store deals across social media, websites and via SMS, of course.

Fun fact

31% of shoppers identify as Experience Enthusiasts. They’re mostly female, and 44% are aged 18 to 34. And this cohort can’t wait to get back to the shops. 

Download The New Shopping Normal report for more insights.

3. Grow your fan base

Launch a social media campaign or competition to gain new followers. To enter, prospective new customers will need to share their contact details.

Once you’ve got their digits, now you can grab their attention. For example, text your prospective customer about a flash sale this EOFY.

It’s all about showing your audience the value of subscribing to your SMS promotions – while keeping your brand top of mind.

4. Recover those abandoned carts

Time-sensitive text message reminders can help reduce those pesky abandoned carts. Our research tells us that for every 100 text messages sent, on average, 16 recently abandoned carts can be recovered. Boom.

To boost your chances of recovering abandoned carts, send customers a simple text reminder – just in time for EOFY (of course). You could even send across a limited-time EOFY discount code. It’s all about getting that sale over the line.

5. Throw in free express delivery

Online shopping can have a downside. Sometimes, customers can quickly lose the buzz of not having their purchase in their hot little hands immediately. But free express delivery may just make them feel better about the wait.

Use SMS to alert your customers to free express shipping when bulk buying, spending above a certain price, or just for being loyal to your business. Either way, everybody wins.

When it comes to standing out in the EOFY clutter, make SMS your business’ superpower. We’re talking open rates of 98% and a response rate that’s 8x greater than email.

There’s never been a better channel to connect with today’s shoppers, in our New Shopping Normal.

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For more insights on how to connect with today’s shoppers, check out your free New Shopping Normal report