30 August 2019

Driving customer engagement with Adobe Campaign and SMS

Customers today use their mobile phones for virtually everything, and more interactions occur between businesses and their customers via mobile than ever before. This provides an exciting opportunity for businesses to include SMS in their cross-channel marketing campaigns to drive further customer engagement.

Our partnership with Adobe means marketers can easily integrate SMS into automated customer journeys to deliver real-time experiences within the Adobe Campaign platform. SMS can be used to better connect with customers and directly influence their decisions.

Here are some of the different ways you can use SMS within Adobe Campaign to improve your customer journeys and engagement:

1. Marketing campaigns and demand generation

With 90 percent of messages read within 90 seconds, SMS is an extremely valuable tool to reach customers and prospects with sales offers, VIP nights, one-off promotions and new product launches. Use Adobe Campaign for scheduling real-time personalised SMS messages to drive traffic to your store or website.

2. Customer communication and onboarding

Keep customers updated on the availability of products, send out regular check-in messages, or even a welcome text every time a new customer signs up to your loyalty club.

3. Reminders and lead follow-up

Use internal SMS reminders to prompt sales lead hand-off and follow-up. Simply trigger a reminder to alert sales when a new lead comes through or automate messages to a lead that you will be in touch soon.

4. Feedback and surveys

SMS is the fastest and most cost-effective medium for customer feedback. It’s eight times more likely to be read than an email and can be triggered from existing customer journeys, such as days following a purchase.

Contact us or read more about how an SMS and Adobe Campaign integration can enhance your customer journeys.

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