21 May 2015

Art and craft retailer boosts customer service in retail

MessageMedia is helping fine art, craft and design supplies company, Eckersley’s, communicate more effectively with customers and staff.

MessageMedia CEO, Grant Rule, said that retailers are facing big challenges right now, and the MessageMedia retail customers using SMS in innovative ways are outperforming their competitors.

“Providing customers with excellent service consistently is one way to help futureproof retail business. In addition, those businesses that have the ability to recognise, enable and efficiently manage new channels will have a competitive edge.”

Eckersley Store Managers noticed that more and more customers were asking them to send a text message letting them know when their orders had arrived in stock.

Operations Coordinator Esther Price said that they searched the market for a reputable supplier and signed with MessageMedia. “We are using the system to communicate individual messages to customers, and currently have two sites testing the MessageMedia service. Our plan is to roll the system out to the remaining sites very soon.”

“The stores order products that may be out of stock or not part of our usual range for customers. When the product arrives in store, the staff contact the customer to let them know it is ready for pick up. Until now they have phoned the customer, but due to customers requesting a text message we have implemented the email-to-text service.”

The flagship Prahran store is one of the two sites trailing the service, and the Store Manager is happy with the results.

“I’ve had to break the habit of reaching for the phone as soon as an order arrives in store, but that’s been my biggest issue. SMS is so much quicker and more practical. For example, we never have to make multiple phone calls because someone didn’t answer, and we get replies back immediately from happy customers!”

“Because it’s so quick and easy and keeps everything documented in Outlook, I find myself sending more stock updates to customers, for example, if something is out of stock at the supplier or delayed. Overall, I think this improves our customer service and professional image.”

Price says, “I’m really pleased with the MessageMedia service and I have had very good feedback from our trial sites. Though the initial driver for the service was customer notifications, there are so many more applications we can use it for. In fact, our Store Managers have already started to use the service to communicate with staff for things like roster changes.”

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