22 May 2015

Best in the industry for service excellence

Business SMS specialist, MessageMedia, today announced that it has been honoured in the prestigious Service Excellence category of the Australian Business Awards 2013.

MessageMedia CEO Grant Rule said that the company was delighted to achieve this award, which provides important recognition of the organisation’s unique capability for this key differentiator in the market:

“The SMS market is very crowded with lots of competitors that just can’t support the needs of business customers. When you are using SMS for business communication, you need reliability.”

“SMS services can be a set-and-forget service for some companies. That is, until something goes wrong. And then you have to put a price on the cost of loss. Customer service is only important when you need help, and in this area we shine. Our gateway uptime guarantee is the ultimate in service excellence.”

One MessageMedia customer, Express Mobile Services, said they moved to MessageMedia from a competitor after an important message broadcast got delayed by hours, costing money and negatively impacting their brand:

“We were using their [competitor’s] standard service, as they do not offer a Tier 1 option. In fact, we didn’t realise there was a Tier 1 service option, had we known we’d have looked for MessageMedia from the start because for our business, service quality and on-time message delivery are paramount. Since we switched we’ve had zero issues with the service – both the message delivery and customer service have been completely flawless.”

Ms Tara Johnston, Program Director of the Australian Business Awards says MessageMedia is a worthy recipient and has demonstrated a commitment to excellence that stands out amongst a dynamic field of Australia’s elite.

“The Australian Business Awards recognise our most innovative organisations, their outstanding achievements and contribution to the Australian economy. The awards raise the bar across all aspects of quality management and provide organisations with ways to review their business and product performance as well as identify their core strengths,” Ms Johnston adds.

“An Australian Business Award solidifies MessageMedia’s place as a leader alongside our best in business. As well as achieving outstanding outcomes, the honourees have enhanced the reputation of their professions and have demonstrated their best endeavours across business, industry and the community. Australia’s modernised economy is providing a stable platform for a wide spectrum of sectors to increase their competitiveness through concerted ICT development, manufacturing innovation, a dynamic services sector, a growing knowledge economy and a world class primary sector.”

The Australian Business Awards 2013 saw one hundred winners (ABA100) announced across twenty business and product award categories. The business entries were assessed using key criteria covering planning, research and development, execution and implementation, impact and outcomes, performance management and industry contributions. The product entries were assessed using key criteria covering product features, benefits, performance and sustainability.

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