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Recover 40% more sales with abandoned cart SMS for Shopify [plus FREE best practice ebook!]

Abandoned carts continue to be a huge problem for Shopify merchants. The average global rate of abandoned carts sits at almost 70%, according to the Baymard Institute. That means over ⅔ shoppers are leaving your online store empty-handed!

An image showing a shopping cart and a cross in front of it to indicate that it is an abandoned cart

It’s not all bad. $260B worth of sales are completely recoverable, says Baymard, if you’re willing to use the right solutions! One of our customers, Simply for Strings, achieved a 40% successful cart recovery rate from click throughs with abandoned cart text reminders delivered via our SMS Marketing Automation app.

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Recently, we conducted an in-depth piece of research across the busy holiday season over 2020 / 2021 and analysed tens of thousands of abandoned cart SMS sent from our Shopify customers, to identify what drove success for them. We’ve aggregated the best times, frequencies, and optimisations you can make to maximise sales recovery rates and profit.

Read on for our top tips on SMS abandoned cart text recovery, or download our full best practice guide below:


How to accelerate your abandoned cart strategy with SMS

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When should I follow up with Shopify SMS abandoned cart reminders

Did you know that cart abandonment is highest between 8-9 PM? While this is helpful for future marketing campaigns, shopping cart abandonment is still inevitable no matter the time. Having an abandoned cart recovery strategy, such as text message reminders, is critical in helping you stay ahead of the game.

SMS messages work because cut-through is as high as 98%, and 90% of text messages are read within 90 seconds. In fact, other Shopify sellers use text alerts through our SMS Marketing Automation app in other ways. They use text alerts to notify customers about changes to order status or in marketing campaigns that offer free shipping.

However, when should you schedule your reminders to go out? As soon as a customer abandons a cart? 10 minutes? 1 hour? 24 hours?

According to our findings, the top 3 most effective follow-up times were:

A podium showing the top 3 highest preforming times to wait before sending an abandoned cart reminder.

60 minutes is likely the most optimal time for Shopify sellers to send text message reminders because:

  • Customers can seek additional information/answer queries
  • Product or service is still top of mind
  • Customers are no longer distracted or busy
A chart showing the top 3 highest preforming times to wait before sending an abandoned cart reminder.
Top: 60 mins
Second: 10 mins
Third: 2 hours

TOP TIP: Send SMS reminders 60 minutes after a customer abandons their cart to maximise click-throughs and completed orders.

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How do I make my SMS abandoned cart Shopify reminders more effective

Our most successful Shopify merchants used each of the following elements to maximise conversions and sales across their abandoned cart SMS journeys.

  • Personalisation – Customers connect more meaningfully with businesses when communications feel customised to their needs and desires. Try to personalise as much of your reminder as possible, including name, product etc.
  • Cart URL – Strong CTAs give customers guidance on what to do next! Including a URL is a must if you want to recover more abandoned carts.
  • Be brief – Use your 160-character limit wisely. Include all the relevant information and keep it friendly. The shorter it is, the more likely you are to grab attention and get customers to act!
  • Opt-outs – This is a no-brainer! Adhere to local compliance laws. Make sure that it’s easy for customers to opt-out of text communications if they want to.

How to accelerate your abandoned cart strategy with SMS

Maximise recovered sales now with our free ebook!

Download now

While we advise using all of the above, only use what is relevant and convenient for your customer. Through our Shopify app SMS Marketing Automation, we make it easy to include personalisation, custom URLs, discount codes and opt-outs.

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Abandoned cart text message success story: Simply for Strings

Abandoned cart SMS reminder results by company: Simply for Strings

Shopify seller Simply for Strings was losing a large number of sales due to many customers abandoning checkout. Co-founder Toby Cumpstay was challenged to quickly resolve this issue and recover lost sales.
Where a higher investment is required, customers may need to feel more confident and informed when they arrive at the checkout process. Think of buying a car, electronics, or taking up a musical instrument that needs servicing, maintenance, and lessons.

An example SMS sent by Simply for Strings
An example of an abandoned cart SMS

Wanting a Shopify-specific solution, Toby settled on seeking a native SMS integration that could plug in seamlessly. As a consumer, he’d experienced the high cut-through and convenience of abandoned text reminders. Employing text message reminders through MessageMedia’s SMS Marketing Automation integration was easy.

In addition to using text message reminders, Toby also integrated 2-way texting (aka SMS chat) into his abandoned cart text reminders. Customers can now easily access an always-on customer representative to answer any questions before completing their purchase. This helps to overcome any confidence issues they might have about their order.

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Final thoughts, further reading

Introducing abandoned cart text reminders through SMS marketing automation can help your Shopify store working smarter, not harder.
With its high open-rates, abandoned cart text alerts get through to customers where other channels might not. Start recouping more sales through SMS reminders now!

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