Mercury SMS

Mercury SMS provides two-way SMS messaging functionality, integrated directly within With the ability to send individual or bulk SMS messages to lead and contact records, Mercury SMS has all the tools you’ll need to communicate with your clients.

pay anywhere Outbound messaging

Send outbound SMS messages to your prospects and customers within the CRM system. Keep track of all your messages in your activity history.

pay anywhere Inbound messaging

Let your prospects and customers contact you via SMS. The details of all messages are logged directly in your CRM system as part of your activity history.

pay anywhere SMS template library

Manage your library of SMS templates that can be used throughout your solution. Templates can include merge fields and can be automatically sent via workflow rules.

pay anywhere Bulk Messaging

Send text messages to a list of campaign members. Use the merge field functionality to personalise the message to each recipient.

pay anywhere Scheduled deliveries

Like to plan ahead? No problem. Get your SMS messages prepared and schedule them in advance to be delivered at the ideal time.

pay anywhere Inbound routing options

Identify who should be notified when inbound messages are received to make sure they are routed to the correct person so they can take action promptly.

pay anywhere Opt-out management

Recipients can reply STOP at any time to automatically opt out of receiving future messages. Keep your mailing list up to date with no internal administration effort.

pay anywhere Merge fields

Apply that personal touch to your messages by taking advantage of the merge field functionality to merge in the recipient and sender details.

pay anywhere Workflow automation

User Mercury SMS to support your business process management by automating the delivery of messages using workflow rules.